I’ve done voice work all over the United States, as well as Ireland, Australia, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand. I’ve been doing voice-over for 38 years and have won local and international awards.  My vocal deliveries range from the dorky clueless husband to a hard sell concert read.  But a warm heartfelt and compassionate read seems to come more naturally.

I also have been a Creative Services Director for over 30 years.  I’ve written over 10,000 scripts and many have won awards, both locally and internationally.

Please sample my demos and let me know how I can help you.


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“All I Know is when I see that he is going to be my voicetalent, I know that it’s gonna be a great spot.”

- Michael Vincent of Gradick Communications, LLC

“When I hear Ric’s voice I hear kindness, authority, good looking, educated, confidant!”

- carolynvoice.com

“His baritone to tenor voicing brings a melodic quality to any copy.  Ric’s enthusiasm for his work is obvious when the energy he brings to a read shines though on air…”

- roycunningham.com

“I have used Ric as a reliable voice for over six years. His ability to put meaning into tough ad copy makes him my go-to guy for many of our scripts. Though 2 000 miles away, our sales team love him and frequently request him on their spots. From the friendly guy next door, to spokesman for our local outdoor magazine and the occasional fun character – Ric’s strong, clear, optimistic voice demands attention when it speaks to you over the air.  Always a pleasure to work with a true gentleman.  Ric’s got you covered.”

- Ted Nelson – Creative Services Director – Combined Communications -  Oregon.


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Voiceover Demos

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Voiceover Demo:

Ric Gonzalez - Voiceover Demo (1:37)

Character Voice Demo:

Ric Gonzalez - Character Voice Demo (1:58)

Writing Demo:

Ric Gonzalez - Writing Demo (4:27)

Video Voiceover Demos:

Cascade Car Wash Commercial

Lion Heart


“Chill Out” Movie Trailer